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Accessories> Sleeping Aid Eye Masks

Cat-themed Sleeping Aid Eye Masks

What is Eye Masks?

Designed to block incoming light from your eyes, eye masks help you fall into a deep sleep faster so that you can get a better night's sleep and wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

Many of us do not get the recommended sleep each night. Lacking sleep can not only affect our bodies - making us sluggish, but it also affects the way our brain functions, slowing down our productivity at work and even diminishing our decision-making skills.

Eye masks, also known as sleep masks, are an affordable, natural way to help us get to sleep faster ... and stay asleep. They are typically made from fabric that is intended to cover both eyes, keeping all incoming light away from your eyes and to help induce a state of pure darkness. Eye masks have a comfortable, elasticated strap that holds the sleeping face mask in place and blocks unwanted light from your eyes.

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