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Types of Necklace Chains?

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Perfect Necklace Length

So many lengths, so many decisions.  How to choose the right necklace length?  The good news is that there are really only 6 main lengths to choose between. We will start with the shortest length and work our way down.



The collar length is the shortest measuring at 12-13 inches and sits tightly on the neck. The collar is best worn with open neck tops, like boat necks, shoulder-baring tops, v-necks, and rounded necklines. Basically, any top where the neck and collarbones are displayed is a good fit for this type of necklace length. 


The choker length measures at 14-16 inches and sits snugly at the base of the neck. The choker length and the collar length can be practically interchangeable in appearance but can be determined by measurement and that the choker fits more at the hollow of the neck rather than on the neck itself.


 The princess length measures at 17-19 inches and is perhaps the most common length of the necklace. The princess length looks good with practically any type of outfit and neckline as it rests on a wearer’s collarbone. Depending on the material of the necklace and/or pendant it can be as simple or as extravagant as the wearer desires thus suitable for many occasions



The matinee length measures at 20-24 inches and is a contender with the princess length for most popular chain length. The matinee length rest between the collarbone and the bust of the wearer.  This length of the necklace is wonderful for everyday wear and transitions easily to business.


The opera length will reach to lay on the bust or inch or two below, measures about 30-35 inches in length. This was traditionally a more formal length of necklace, think ladies attending the opera (thus the name) but has been transitioning to the casual with a bohemian look.


A Rope necklace is really any necklace length longer than opera. This includes the long waist length necklaces and lariat style necklaces, which is a variation of the rope necklace.

Personal preference and choice of clothing are really what helps determine the necklace length.  Remember if you like it wear it!


 Types of Necklace Chains

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